The Line @ Tanjong Rhu

Freehold Residential Condominium at 6 Tanjong Rhu Road, District 15

District 15 - Freehold Residential Condominium

The Line @ Tanjong Rhu is the latest freehold residential condominium situated within the prime area of Tanjong Rhu. Unique to this condominium is its close proximity to the popular East Coast Park, a favourite especially for fans of the various water sport activities like kayaking, dragon boating, sailing and much more.

And because the developer knows most condo owners would appreciate the proximity to the beach, a large majority of the units are sea facing which explains the linear design by the architect. Plus, given the unique shape of the condo, it allows majority of the condo's different bedroom arrangement to enjoy the same sea view experience. Thus highlighting the careful thought and consideration invested into the detailed condo floorplan layout.

Take a look at the project factsheet and discover why this new launch is a hot seller for residents looking to stay in district 15 area.

Project Factsheet

Project Name: The Line @ Tanjong Rhu

Developer: Lakeview Investments Pte Ltd

Tenure: Freehold Development

Land Size: 5063.4 sqm

Plot Ratio: 2:1

T.O.P: Dec 2016

Total Units: 130 Units

Towers: 2 Towers

The Line at Tanjong Rhu - Night View

The Line of Connectivity - Bridging Distances

In line with the overall direction the architect has for The Line, the condo leverages on its close proximity to many popular nearby amenities and is a short drive away from Singapore's Central Business District (CBD).

After all, district 15 has long been associated with being the prime residential area for locals living in the eastern region of Singapore. And it's easy to see why long time residents love the great location of Tanjong Rhu. Especially when you consider the upcoming Katong Park MRT station of the developing Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). This station will further increase the connectivity for residents whether they're driving or taking the local public transportation.

We've included a map highlighting the many nearby amenities you can enjoy on top of the already awesome sea-side view you're going to enjoy being this close to East Coast Park.

The Line Connectivity Map

The Line of Distinction - An Architect's Dream Realised

The Line at Tanjong Rhu - Architect Initial Drawing

When Lakeview Investments Pte Ltd, the property developer, engaged their architect for the project, the entire vision started with a single line.

A line that represents the architect's vision for expressing unique characteristics. Characteristics many professionals are familiar with. And nothing symbolises this familiarity more than the idea of a line.

After all, architects have been using lines in their work to showcase a wide range of their skills and ideas. Rarely will you find a drawing or a blueprint that doesn't contain the humble line. And from this simple idea, came the merging of contextual lines that bridges the colours of the sea with the sky, thus bridging the connectivity advantage to its unique distinction.

And from this unique development, came the prestigious residential condominium that takes a humble beginning to a new definition of luxury living. A local metropolitan paradise secluded with a seafront experience few others can provide.


The Line of Indulgence - Tropical Facilities Meet Seafront View

The Line at Tanjong Rhu - Clubhouse

No condo is complete without its state-of-the-art suite of condo facilities, and The Line aims to over deliver. That's why instead of just one level of facilities, the condo boasts 2 levels of these beautiful and functional features on its first and fourth floor.

But what makes the features truly amazing is the blend of tropical experiences with the natural seafront ambience surrounding the entire estate. Within its open walls are soothing water features to enhance the seaside environment and its array of water facilities like the Sun Garden jets, Waterfall Garden Pool, Garden Jacuzzi, Infinity pool, and much more helps bring out the calm and serene atmosphere.

But the sea experience isn't the only experience the developer want you to enjoy. There's the equal blend of the tropical nature of a country like Singapore, artistically integrated into the overall condo design. There are countless naturalistic garden features to bring in a great mix of greenery to the calm blue water features, everything you'll need to recreate a relaxing experience for yourself and your guests.

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The Line - Artist Impression

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