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Moving into a New Condo Apartment

It is always a joy seeing excited first-time homeowners moving into their brand new apartment unit here at The Line @ Tanjong Rhu. After all, there is always that element of joy as you take a new step into a brand new level of property ownership in Singapore.

At the same time, there is also an element of uncertainty for those entering into a this new adventure. It is for this reason, we've prepared a useful resource page to help such owners take note of several important resources available online to help them prepare for this wonderful journey ahead.

First Things First, the Official Documents

Right at the start, we want to make sure we've taken care of anything official and legal to avoid unexpected headaches down the road. And so, one of the first thing to settle off the bat are your utilities and change of address.

Getting Power

Without doubt, the Singapore Power Group is one of the first places to give a visit as you need to ensure there's electricity and water flowing into your apartment. If you're a new account registrant, there will be an additional step of opening a new account.


Change of Address

With that settled, the next thing to tackle is your change of address. This is a step that is often troublesome for many homeowners as there are many different organisations to write in to. There is your bank, your telcom, membership groups, and much more.

But one of the more important ones to settle are the official and legal institutions. Thankfully, making a visitor to your nearest neighbourhood police post will help settle most of them. We've also included a link to online eCitizen portal with a list of items to prepare.


Beautifying Your New Condo Home

With the legal stuff out of the way, we can move on to the more exciting stuff... beautifying and decorating your new condo apartment.

Interior Design Ideas

And for that, one of the first places we encourage our residents to visit are the various online portals for their interior design tips, recommendations, and beautiful home designs.

One of our favourite is by a premium interior design publisher with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As they share a variety of advice in the different aspects of home designing, flooring design, and bathroom design among many others.


Adding Storage Space

While most of our units come with ample storage spaces thanks to the beautiful furnishing, we understand there are times when home owners want to add more storage options to their home. Especially for cabinet furniture around the living and dining room.

To that end, there are many great online furniture shops around where you can shop for a brand new coffee table, bookshelf, and other display cabinets. There's even a special new account creation discount for first-time buyers.


Cleaning Up the Apartment

Another important aspect of any new home is to make it fit for living first. Oftentimes, with the large volume of furniture moving into the place, there tend to be bits and pieces of dirt and dust accumulating. To avoid having to deal with such extra headaches, we recommend engaging a professional cleaning company to come in and handle these menial activities for you.

And while it's our own preference, we like to work with carpet cleaning companies that offer a wide range of cleaning services especially moving forward for occasions where we might need their services again.


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