The Line @ Tanjong Rhu Site Plan

2 Levels of Condo Facilities to Enjoy

One of the greatest beauty of planning and developing The Line @ Tanjong Rhu's condominium site plan is drawing inspiration from the area itself. As a long time maritime port, the condominium is naturally situated close to the sea bed. Residents get to appreciate the distinct features of the sea shore that separates the earth from the sea.

This same inspiration is seen throughout the architect's vision for the condo as there are countless elements of the greenery from the trees interlinking with the serene blue tranquility of the sea. So much so, the condo boasts two suites of condo facilities, which a stronger emphasis of earth on the 1st floor and sea on the 4th floor.

The Line of Harmony Between Work & Play

Explore the amazing site plan layout here at The Line Singapore. What makes this freehold residential condominium really exciting for residents is the amount of facilities in stored.

Level 1

The Line 1st storey site plan

  1. Garden Lobby
  2. Grassmaze Pavilions
  3. Grasemaze Playground
  4. Meadow Walk
  5. Entrance Cascading Water Feature
  6. Meadow Corner
  7. Forecourt
  8. Guardhouse
  9. Reflective Entrace Tower 1
  10. Main Drop-off Porch
  11. Entrance Foyer Feature Wall
  12. Reflective Entrance Tower 2
  13. Multi-storey Carpark
  14. Forest Drive
  15. Pedestrian Gate
Level 4

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